ELN-DAVID is active in the following areas:

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Exchange and collaboration

Supporting interaction and co-operation between clinical experts (physicians, study groups) and scientific/research groups on AML and related scientific areas on an international level.

Regular organisation of meetings and conferences for promotion of the activities described above.

Education and training

Promotion of education and training for MRD assessment in AML and related diseases

Promotion of international communication and publication of clinical and scientific knowledge on MRD in AML and related diseases

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Standard and quality control icon ELN David

Standardisation and quality control

Achieving general standards with respect to:

Harmonization / standardization and quality control of MRD assessment in AML patients, development of guidelines on MRD assessment in AML patients and the implementation and/or harmonization of clinical trials involving MRD on AML and related diseases

Generation of clinical evidence

Development and promotion of clinical, translational and basic research activities on AML and related diseases with a focus on measurable residual disease (MRD).

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