ELN-DAVID is the international working group for MRD ASSESSMENT and VALIDATION in AML and is part of the European LeukemiaNet (ELN).

The objective of ELN-DAVID is to promote measurable residual disease (MRD) assessment in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and related diseases.


European Educational Workshop on MRD in AML and CLL October 2nd 2023


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Admission and membership

“I have been quickly integrated in the group and broadened my perspective on the multiple aspects of MRD analysis in AML patients. It is a wonderful experience to learn from and work with such a focused group of clinicians and researchers”.

Member of ELN-David

Admission and Membership
  • New members may apply for admission to the chair of ELN-DAVID .
  • The application should be supported by a letter of recommendation from a full member of ELN-DAVID and/or by proof of a publication on MRD in AML as first or last author.
  • The executive board of ELN-DAVID decides on the admission of new members.

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    ELN-DAVID develops clinical and technical recommendations how MRD results should be acquired in the diagnostic laboratories and should be used in clinical care and the development of new treatments.

    Tribute to David Grimwade

    The acronym ELN-DAVID stands for “The ELN international working group for MRD ASSESSMENT and VALIDATION in AML” and pays tribute to David Grimwade, who was a founding member of the ELN MRD working party and made seminal contributions to the concept and application of MRD in AML patients.

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